Month: August 2021

12-story apartment tower planned in Flagler Village

Wow this developer assembled 7 lots in Flagler Village with a waiver to go from the max 6 stories to a newly requested height of 12.

It’s not a done deal as it still needs to be reviewed by the Development Review Committee, but if I was a betting man, I’d say it’s going to happen one way or the other. Fort Lauderdale is on a building spree, and Flagler Village is absolutely blowing up, but in a good way!

Flagler Village has seen a surge in development as people desire to live near downtown Fort Lauderdale’s job core. What was formerly mostly an industrial neighborhood with a high concentration of low-income housing has transformed into one of the city’s fastest-growing areas, with a pipeline of projects, including this one.

The development would cover 333,094 square feet and include 240 apartments, 1,256 square feet of retail space, and 253 parking spaces. The developer is requesting a waiver to allow for the construction of 12 floors on the property instead of the current six.

The structure would have two live/work units on the ground floor and a pool on the seventh story amenity deck.

The apartments would be 755 square feet on average, with sizes ranging from 480 to 1,181 square feet. A total of 41 studios, 123 one-bedroom units, and 76 two-bedroom units would be available.

Prospect Real Estate Group loves the location because it’s on Sistrunk Boulevard and Third Avenue, across from Peter Feldman Park, as per local attorney Robert B. Lochrie III, who represents the developer in the application.

Five-Tower RK Center Megaproject Sears Town

This is the biggest mixed use project I’ve seen in Fort Lauderdale. It’s absolutely incredible. Do you know where the sears town is right as Federal meets Sunrise Blvd? (see map to the right in all green) The project covers the entire Sears Town parcel and then the two just south of it. Can we say Megaproject? Here is a link to the original story.

The project will include: 

Parcel 1 (three towers – 30 stories, 30 stories, and 15 stories) – 819 residential units, 71,960 square feet of retail/office, 4,000 square feet of restaurant, 4,000 square feet of food hall, 1,351 parking spaces.

Parcel 2 (17 stories) – 192 hotel rooms, 22 residential units, 3,480 square feet of restaurant, 1,290 square feet of cafe, 288 parking spaces

Parcel 3 (15 stories) – 135 residential units, 4,718 square feet of retail, 2,295 square feet of restaurant, 10,312 square feet of art gallery, 230 parking spaces.

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