Single Family Home Closing in Imperial Point

Sold! 875k | 3bed 2 bath pool home | 1628 sf

Closing day for a couple Buyers that stepped up to the plate and took what’s theirs! Let me tell you what I mean by that. This was a multiple offer situation. An absolutely stunning 3/2 in Imperial point with a new roof, all impact, but totally renovated.Listed for 785k, there was a lot of back and forth. Luckily I am blessed with amazing Buyer’s and very clean deals. They stepped up to the plate, were done playing around and dropped 875k cash on a 785 listing. Yes we know it broke records, and its over market. However, there is absolutely nothing left to do to the house, all the way down to the Bermuda grass. They will own this house forever.
Hey if you got it like that, then it is what it is right?
In the market? Single family, condo, or multifamily, call the Docktor That Makes House Calls 😎

Listing–> https://bit.ly/2Sk2fDv

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