Happy Buyer purchases a multifamily property in Oakland Park!



Represented Buyer & Seller

ARV= $500,000+

Zoned RD-15, can build 4 townhouses here.

Congrats to this Buyer Loren on his multifamily single Family home with two detached structures. Loren and I go back 25 years to middle school. Nice to see someone I know get their hands around a property with huge upside and emerging neighborhood in the downtown district of Oakland Park, Florida. BTW loren owns a home inspection company and is a G.C. if you are in need. I’ve used him many times and he has a social media account where he goes through all his inspections on IG.What I love about this property is the opportunity to create something great. This is a property that really needed the right owner. Can’t wait to see what he does with this property.

There is a single family home on the property and 2 detached units. One is a garage conversion into a unit, and the other is just screaming to be converted into an apartment. Also i love implementing house hacking tricks and the house has a section with its own bedroom and bathroom, creating the opportunity to make 4 income producing units. There is always the opportunity to scrap it all and building 4 townhouses. I was contacted by many Buyer’s “what’s the cap, what the ARV” Listen speed wins, Loren knew there was an opportunity no matter what that answer was. When preparation meets opportunity…..

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