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How to Secure Your Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals pose unique security challenges. The owners of a vacation rental property may live far away, while a new set of renters needs access to the space every couple of days or weeks. This high turnover, paired with frequent vacancies, makes vacation rentals a target for property crime. If you’re purchasing a vacation rental or you simply want to know how to keep your property safe, then you need to know how to keep your investment secure

Choosing a Vacation Rental Security System

With its lively beaches, galleries, and wealth of attractions, Miami and its surrounding areas are a smart choice for an investment property. You can always count on regular guest rentals, whether you want to be close to South Beach, Little Havana or downtown. Miami’s popularity and transient tourist population is also the reason you need to invest in a reliable security system, ideally one that integrates with your booking system so you can generate new key codes automatically between guests.

The foundation of any vacation rental’s security is a keyless lock. A keyless lock eliminates the risk of a key getting copied and the hassle of handing off keys to guests. Choose a smart lock so you can program new key codes remotely and issue special codes to maintenance workers.

An alarm system is also a smart choice for vacation rentals. However, using a traditional alarm system with short-term guests runs the risk of false alarms. Again, a smart security system solves this problem by turning off automatically when the door is opened with a smart lock.

Vacation rental owners must be cautious with surveillance cameras, however. While it’s fine to set up cameras in common areas, you can’t record in spaces where guests have a reasonable expectation of privacy. If you do put cameras in common areas, inform your guests

Other Vacation Rental Security Measures

A security system is great for peace of mind, especially with a smart system that you can monitor from afar. However, home security primarily reacts to crime, it doesn’t prevent it (and no, a sticker in the window isn’t enough). Try these strategies to prevent would-be criminals from targeting your property in the first place

Choose a safe neighborhood

Tourists want to be close to the action, but choosing a neighborhood that’s nearby popular attractions, rather in the heart of them, may be better for vacation rental owners.

Install security lights

A few well-placed security lights deter late-night intruders, but avoid going overboard with floodlights and blinding your guests. Low-maintenance solar footpath lighting and LED patio lighting are better options in outdoor living spaces.

And smart lights

Don’t make it obvious when your property is vacant. Smart lights allow you to control lights remotely so you can make your property appear occupied even when it isn’t.

Use smart smoke detectors

Property crime isn’t the only threat facing your property. Upgrade your old smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to smart versions

All of the security measures in the world can’t make up for absent management. If you’re purchasing a St. Petersburg vacation rental, make sure you have a plan for managing the property and responding to problems when they arise. With luck, these precautions will keep your property safe, but you should always be prepared if something does happen. so you’re notified if there’s an emergency (or if one of your guests is breaking your no-smoking rule)

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