Wow Fort Lauderdale is on the rise! We forget how progressive the city is being. They are not just putting up buildings, but adding retail, restaurants, grocery stores, sporting venues, train stations, (we need parks) and even underground tunnels! You can’t stop growth!

Incredible city projections to finish by 2030 making this a national city, but at some point international for sure! NHL Team, Elon Musk Tunnel Demonstrate Fort Lauderdale’s Growth Potential.

City leaders this summer accepted Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s proposal to build a tunnel that would transport riders 2.5 miles between a downtown train station and the beach in Teslas. Fort Lauderdale last year provided a home to David Beckham’s Major League Soccer team, Inter Miami, after the team ran into roadblocks building a stadium in Miami.Fort Lauderdale, Florida Downtown Fort Lauderdale City of Fort Lauderdale Ft Lauderdale Beach Downtown FTL

✅ The team already has a deal to renovate Fort Lauderdale’s War Memorial Auditorium with two ice rinks — one for the team to practice on, one for the public — and a 3,000-person concert facility. It broke ground on that in May. But renderings released by the city envision a more full-sized arena on public land. You should check out the video.

✅ According to the city’s Downtown Development Authority, the downtown population has grown by 41% in the past 10 years. There are more than 20 new developments underway in the urban core, including 13,000 residential units, 600K SF of retail, 1.1M SF of office space and 1,000 new hotel rooms.

✅ The area south of The New River and Las Olas Boulevard both effectively bisect the city. The southern side is now affectionately being called the S.O.L.O. District (South Of Las Olas), Morejon said. Unfamiliar to most, this aea is going to explode with about 10 buildings, including a 250 unit tower by one of my clients At Moderno Development Group

✅ The T3 project, um wow! “This is going to be the first project in Florida that is built out of timberIts 5.6-acre, four-block site is being developed into a campuslike mixed-use project with residential units, retail and a seven-story office building. Fort Lauderdale-based Urban Street Development is teaming up with Hines to develop it as T3 FAT Village, an extension of Hines’ T3 brand, which stands for timber, transit and technology and combines the style of old-fashioned industrial lofts with modern technologies.

✅ New building next to Brightline Station yes that’s right, bye bye bus station !!! “When that new office building gets built with about 750K SF, that is right next to the Brightline [private train] station on Broward Boulevard,” Morejon said. “It opens up about 7 acres of land that the city and county own separately. The vision is that valuable publicly owned land can be utilized for a new venue or new mixed-use development.”

✅ Kushner will put up 4 towers off Broward blvd, 4.2 acres where a four-tower development called Broward Crossing is planned in the Himmarshee District.