The Beverly

Under Contract and Just Listed at 100 Las Olas and The Beverly

A two-for-one: Under Contract at 12 SE 10th Ave, Unit 2. Last asking $1,530,000 and a New Construction Coming soon at 100 E Las Olas $1,200,000. Built in 2021. Yes, the deals are large, but my favorite thing about this double whammy deal, is the process. Over the last 7 years I have had up to 6 agents underneath me teaching them the rental game, and the 101’s of working with Buyers.The main thing that I tell newer agents is you have to pick up the phone. It’s simple. But you have to do it consistently. I don’t’ care if its only 2 hours a day 3 days a week. Consistency leads to success. The failure rate in real estate is like 95% or something crazy. Most “sales people” lack consistency, motivation and tenacity. You can’t post on IG, FB and ask for business, you need to go out there and shake the bushes!! MAKE THE CALLS!!!!!

I’ve been generating my own leads for years and have passed out the leads to various agents as I just can’t keep up. Darya Papina who is a newer agent has been calling consistently, following the Docktor’s orders, (lol) well boom! She made contact, built rapport, we set up two zoom calls, and 1 face to face and boom, we are under contract for 1.5M and 1.2M from the same client. If it wasn’t for her efforts this opportunity would not exist. Thank you Darya Papina for crushing the phones!!!!! #siberianwolf

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